Figure Drawing and Anatomy-Richard Smitheman

PLEASE NOTE THIS WEEK’S SESSION IS ON SUNDAY 21st. NEW: Saturdays, May 13th – July 15th. 10:00am-1:00pm 10 week Figure Drawing & Anatomy Course. World class tuition using a modern drawing system based in the classical renaissance tradition.


Thursday 29th June until Friday 7th July 2017. An exciting mixed show of work from local, national and international artists with all work for sale. The Save Butterfly World group aim to reopen, the 27 acre site, encourage visitors and build towards the promised plans of Butterfly World at inception. To achieve this, artists including some very big names, are submitting work for sale with part of the proceeds going towards this goal. This should be a varied and stimulating exhibition. Entrance to our gallery is FREE.

Volunteers Required

We are looking for many volunteers to help us move forward with our plans. Volunteers are our life blood. If you have the time and the interest in one of the many and varied aspects of the Mill, please contact us on Role descriptions are being added soon. Something for everybody with our friendly team.

School Trips

Our education team offer a range of exciting workshops for schools covering Key Stages 1. 2. 3 and 4, outreach activities and school assemblies. A standard 2.5 hour visit includes mill tour, papermaking and
a third activity selected from
this list: weaving, braille, history, science, recycling, letterpress and art. And much, much more.

"Rags make paper, paper makes money, money makes banks, banks make loans, loans make beggars, beggars make rags. - Anon. English 19th C. "