Team Building

At Frogmore Mill we specialise in providing your team with a different type of experience. All our team building experiences are tailor made to your organisation’s requirements and can incorporate educational, practical and challenging components as required.

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Obviously, being the world’s oldest mechanised paper mill, we like to do a lot with paper and pulp – from the simple basics of paper making through to an interesting range of things that you can make with either pulp or paper. We also like to do things with water – mixing it, pumping it or using it to power things. Then again, having been recycling paper for over 110 years, we are also very keen on re-purposing and creativity. Finally, having been a centre of innovation for 210 years, we also like the challenge of creating something new or different and can incorporate this into your experience. And being a

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charity with the task of conserving, and opening to the public,  a collection of mixed industrial buildings and resources that span a few hundred years, we have no shortage of construction, decoration and presentation projects that would suit many organisations – all for an excellent cause.

Our education team will be happy to discuss your particular requirements and create a unique day that your team will really enjoy.

Call Sue Woolnough on 01442 234600 or email DSC picture