Visitors to Frogmore Mill of a century ago would probably notice comparatively little difference in the methods of paper production being used if they were to visit the mill today.

The mill race as a source of power was replaced a long time ago by the then ‘new-fangled’ steam engine which remains proudly at work in support of the Fourdrinier continuous paper making machine.

This unique, historically important paper mill is the heart of The Paper Trail project and will, with dedicated effort and much financial support, become the national visitor centre that it should be.

Frogmore Mill is also home to The Paper Trail archives, which include many records and artifacts from the illustrious history of the John Dickinson Stationery Company and The British Paper Company.

At our Apsley site, the cottage is one of the buildings originally bought by John Dickinson in 1804 and here visitors can still see, and use, the Board room.

Frogmore Mill 1890