Recycle for Learning


The Paper Trail has successfully introduced free office paper recycling in over 300 schools in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire,  Buckinghamshire, and surrounding counties, this initiative is called Recycle for Learning.

A scheme to collect white waste paper from schools and recycle it into new paper for re-use in schools.What is Recycle for Learning?

Why should schools join?  Please note we can no longer collect but we are happy for you to deliver. Please phone first.

  • FREE membership
  • FREE PaperPoints scheme through which schools earn points for collecting paper that can be redeemed for new paper or educational services.
  • FREE educational resources, mill tours and work experience opportunities.
  • Business enterprise support programme.
  • Opportunities for business and education partnerships.
  • To help increase community recycling by involving family and friends.

Why Apsley Paper Trail?

The Paper Trail’s Frogmore Paper Mill has over 110 years of recycled papermaking expertise. Using white waste to make paper for re-use in schools perfectly matches the charity’s two main objectives:

  • Conserving, in full working order, Frogmore’s unique steam-driven heritage papermaking machine at the site that was the birthplace of paper’s industrial revolution.
  • Providing an education experience for the benefit of the community.

Why white waste paper?

The Recycle for Learning  scheme is built on recycling the white A4 paper that has been used in copiers and computer printers and often in direct mail, because:

  • When kept separate from other papers, and collected in large enough quantity, it is a valuable raw material for papermakers.
  • Much white waste paper is sent to landfill because: –
    • Local Authorities do not encourage white waste in their kerbside paper collection because their waste paper customers – newsprint manufacturers – do not want it. Newsprint de-inking systems are not suited to converting this type of waste.
    • As a result of white waste paper being widely and thinly distributed, it is very difficult and expensive to collect and recycle using existing methods.
  • The widest possible number of people can contribute to the scheme and benefit from their involvement.

Why schools?

  • Schools use and discard large amounts of white waste paper.
  • A school is a community focal point and, therefore, ideal as a collection centre.
  • Schools are the perfect partners to benefit from the re-use of a material that they would otherwise discard.
  • Students are already environmentally aware and Recycle for Learning will help schools reinforce the environmental message.
  • Paper is easily and safely carried in very small quantities by students of all ages.

 To find out more about this exciting scheme have a chat with Maureen on 01442 234600. 

To request more details on joining Recycle for Learning click here