Work Experience

Are you an enthusiastic person searching for work experience for personal growth or maybe even as part of your education? Look no further! Here at Frogmore Mill, we offer a number of exciting job roles for people of all ages. If you’re looking for work experience as part of your school, college or university course or simply boosting your CV for your future, we can help! Volunteers play a huge role in maintaining the high standards we set here by giving tours, taking on media roles, customer service, gardening, administrative jobs and a lot more! We’re very flexible with negotiable working times & durations and would love to hear from you with whatever you aim to do. If you would like to apply, please send us an email with an attachment of your CV and a short proposal of what you’d like to do (and for how long)  to: We asked one of our work placement volunteers what they thought of their experience:

“I’ve been doing a year long work placement as a media coordinator for my University sandwich course here at Frogmore Mill. It’s been an amazing experience! I’ve never been short of things to do and have had a great opportunity to put my skills and knowledge in to practice, as well as learn a great deal about working life. Working closely with a skilled team has taught me a lot about building confidence and getting stuck in! I’ve also got a great deal of things to add to my CV from professional video production and editing to representing The Paper Trail at meetings with large companies such as Warner Bros.
The best part is that it all goes towards helping the charity, so you really do make a difference!”
Dean – Work placement participant from the University of Surrey