The Peter Ingram Gallery

Philip Worth (paintings) and Chris Shelley(photographs)

Thursday 27th April until 12th May 2017

Philip and Chris combine forces once more in our gallery.  A colourful show of  Philip’s abstract and figurative paintings , together with Chris’s wildlife and landscape photography on show. Work is for sale. 

WorthShelley Poster

Philip paints mainly in acrylic on canvas and the rich colour tones of this medium give vitality to the varied themes and styles of his pictures on display. A restless creative artist, Philip’s work is predominantly abstract but his brush can tackle landscape, cityscape and figures quite happily; and so far as manner is concerned he can move from the perceived world to stylization – and sometimes a mixture of both – without straining an artistic muscle!

Chris has been involved in photography and it’s ever-changing development all his working life, mainly as a Rostrum Cameraman, working in animation, documentaries and feature films. His real love is stills photography, and he has in recent years been very excited by the potential of Digital Photography. His work is mostly concerned with Landscape, Wildlife and Nature, and he has travelled a great deal in pursuit of material. He spends a lot of his time celebrating the beauty of the local scenery and landmarks. All his various interests will be represented in this show.


Philip Cox – papier mache artist – continues around the museum space and cafe until 16th May



Philip’s Interest in art began at an early age and he spent much of his time drawing and modelling figures. This experience developed into a love for creating sculpture out of paper, his preferred medium. This natural material was not only easy to manipulate but also an inexpensive alternative to traditional, sculptural supplies.

He received no formal training as an artist, but was hired as a freelance painter and carver. A firm believer in “having a go”, he exhibited at the Nottingham Midland Group Arts Centre in 1986. This pivotal exhibition launched his new career as a professional sculptor.

Since 1985, several major solo exhibitions of his unique paper figures have been touring the U.K. His collection includes: Paper People, People in Place, My Best Friend?, Strangely Familiar and a series of life-sized cardboard animals called Wildlife in Danger. During the early 1990s he contributed to the Recycled Art Exhibition in Paris, France.

Philip has been commissioned by International paper manufacturers to create artwork utilizing their materials. In addition, he has produced window displays for the prestigious department store, Harvey Nichols, in London. His largest commission to date was constructing 60 figures for the Nottingham-based visitor attraction, The Tales of Robin Hood. Philip has appeared on numerous television programs with his work, and a portion of his art belongs to permanent museum and art collections in the UK. He has also taken on the role of “artist-in-residence”, working with adults and children in a variety of educational settings.