The ‘Blitz and Beyond’ Experience


The ‘Blitz and Beyond’ Experience is a comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the work of the Auxiliary Fire Service and the National Fire Service during World War Two.

Also it incorporates much information about the history of the John Dickinsons and the British Paper Company Works Fire Brigades.

See the National Fire Service using a Trailer Pump to tackle a fire in a bombed house. Visit the back garden ‘Anderson’ Shelter where the family would be seeking safety from the bombs.

A visit to the exhibition forms part of the standard guided tour of Frogmore Paper Mill.


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Above picture: John Dickinson’s Apsley Mill purchased their first Motor Pump in 1914.
They sold it on in 1933 when the new pump was obtained.
Sold on the 13th. June last year it now resides in Tyne and Wear.
The new owner plans to restore the John Dickinsons livery.
Hopefully the Dennis will visit Frogmore Mill in the near future.

Anderson Shelter 1

Exterior of Anderson shelter exhibit. Originally erected in Bedfordshire and then used as a garden shed until coming to Frogmore Mill.

Anderson Shelter 2

Interior of Anderson Shelter exhibit.