The Peter Ingram Gallery

Visitors are welcome to view the exhibitions in our newly created Peter Ingram Gallery free of charge. The gallery may be accessed via our cafe between 11am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday and first Sunday in the month.

To see what’s going on and coming soon in the Peter Ingram Gallery, click here!

Please also refer to our gallery programme.

IMG_0114 IMG_0112 Phillip Worth and Chris Shelley 003 Phillip Worth and Chris Shelley 005 Phillip Worth and Chris Shelley 008 Phillip Worth and Chris Shelley 011

The gallery is dedicated to the founder and former chair of trustees, of Apsley Paper Trail, Peter Ingram for his work preserving the paper heritage housed at Frogmore Mill and Apsley Mills Cottage.

The gallery houses a changing programme of exhibitions linked to fibre and paper history, including painting, drawing, sculpture, design, 3D, photography, textiles, craft work and historical artifacts. The gallery is available to interested artists, designers and craftspersons; subject to approval. Please contact for details.

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